The restaurant

Fresh fish that just came from the sea. This is our big advantage, since the local fishermen supplies us every morning , with fresh fish that was just captured during night.

Visitors of restaurant will have the opportunity to enjoy raki, ouzo or retsina with locals snacks or a delicious meal or Dinner in the specially designed and tastefully decorated space, in a friendly and
family atmosphere.Very good variety of white wines and some red.
Bulk white wine, rose red, loose tsipouro and retsina.

The best place for dinner is at the outdoor restaurant overlooking the sea where the Dew, generously given from the trees, is something truly
unique and priceless in the warm days and nights of summer.
The hall of our restaurant, with capacity of 150 people, offer various events such as weddings and christenings.

Seating Capacity:
Outdoors 120.
Indoors 140.

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